100 Motivational Words (Short Positive Quotes)

What are the motivational words for success? Everyone needs some motivation to get success in life. And these motivational words can help you to get succeed. so read them and inspire you. What are some positive motivational quotes? How short inspirational quotes can help

50 Famous Shakespeare Quotes

We would like to share our famous Shakespeare quotes with you. The 50 Shakespeare all time famous quotes below are taken from the plays, sonnets and poems . So, without further ado, here are the all time Shakespeare quotes from Shakespeare: 1. ‘To be,

61 Steps to Reduce Tention

Here are 61 useful steps to reduce tension. 1, Identify the real cause of stress. 2, Events causing stress should be noted down and analyse it once in a month. 3, Your reactions to each stressful events should be recollected and compared with one